NZSP Division 2 (Waikato)

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This page contains information about NZSP Division 2.

Division 2 Information

About Division 2

Division Two is an administrative organisation for the five active Kiwanis clubs in the Waikato. Meetings are held to elect representation to the district administration, to coordinate common projects and to assist with the training of club officers. Meetings are typically attended by the division officers, the presidents and secretaries of the member clubs and by the chairpersons of the various division committees.

Our Region of New Zealand

The Waikato encompasses some of the best agricultural land in New Zealand. The area is a major producer of milk, meat and racehorses. The Waikato has New Zealand's longest river (the Waikato), much the biggest lake in the country (Lake Taupo) and also its largest inland city (Hamilton).

Division Officers
Lieutenant Governor 2022-23:
Kevin Choat (Margaret) (mail)
Home: +64(7)871-4355
Mobile: +64(27)475-8491
Lieutenant Governor-Elect:
Position currently unoccupied.
Project Organiser (golf tournament):
Kevin Choat (Margaret) (mail)
Home: +64(7)871-4355
Mobile: +64(27)475-8491
Ed Murphy (Layla)
Tel: +64(21)049-3474